Are you Healthy?

As I prepare for my first seminar titled “Living Healthy and Wealthy, I wasn’t sure what to talk about. My co-host for the seminar, Rhonda Olsen, financial planner extraordinaire, certainly has it all figured out on the wealth part. But health is such a broad topic!  What I really want is for everyone to know what healthy really feels like.

Most of us think we are healthy. Although many of us have minor complaints like headaches, indigestion, bloating, aches and pains, brain fog, or constant fatigue. Most of people brush these off as life’s little nuisance. Take a Zantac or Advil and a cup of coffee to make them go away.  All is fine until the next time. Before you know it, you are getting prescriptions for PPIs, stronger anti-inflammatory drugs, and perhaps sleeping pills.  You are still not getting better. The these become chronic conditions, and the drugs become chronic medications.  Somehow you find you cannot come off these meds even if you wanted to.

The little annoying symptoms are signals from your body telling you something is not right. They are not to be taken lightly or ignored.

“All disease begins in the gut”. Hippocrates said this over 2000 years ago. Yet we are just beginning to understand. All of the annoying symptoms we often experience can be traced back to what we eat, and how we eat.

Many of us have been brought up with highly processed foods laden with sugar, simple carbohydrates, and countless chemicals that are not really food. Perhaps it’s time to start evaluating what is truly nourishing for you. 

To me, being healthy is more of a feel rather than look. I’ve had people who are amazing athletes telling me that they don’t feel great. They feel OK at best. So looks can be deceiving.

Feelings is a much better way to gauge your health. And that takes some astute inward observation.  Unfortunately, our society doesn’t promote this. We are constantly told we have to do more to move forward. But how can you do more and move forward if you are physically not 100%?

It is worthwhile to slow down and check in with yourself. Make this a part of your self-care ritual. Understand why you have the symptoms that you do, and make appropriate changes in your life to address the symptoms once and for all.

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