About Pharmacist Amy

Please note: The Pharmacist is IN will now be Medicus Wellness.  When I started The Pharmacist is IN, it was meant to be cheeky and fun. It has served its purpose. Now that we’ve grown up, we will be Medicus Wellness. The blog and information will be provided on www.medicuswellness.com. Thank you for your support!

I am pharmacist and a functional medicine practitioner. I started Medicus Wellness because I want to dispense health and wellness tips, not just handing out medications.

At Medicus Wellness, our mission is to inspire and teach you to thrive.  Our goal is to help you to optimize your health so you can live with vitality.

There is no magic bullet. We must be proactive about maintaining and improving our health. After 10 years of practicing as a community pharmacist, I was really tired of dispensing drugs just to see the patients become even sicker, needing more drugs. I felt like I wasn’t really helping them at all. At this point, I decided to give up on pharmacy and took on a completely different job with a pharmaceutical company. Although the corporate jobs were enjoyable, I did not feel fulfilled. The jobs in the pharmaceutical industry did not align with my inteded purpose of helping people to live with optimal health and vitality.

My own health issue in 2014 led me to functional medicine because my doctors were not able to explain how I could possibly have a heart condition. I was apparently healthy and active, on my 8th half-marathon, with all lab results within normal ranges. None of this made sense, and I refused to let it slide and go along with “Sometimes things just happen as we age. ” line.

Functional Medicine “seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease, and views the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. It treats the whole system, not just the symptoms.”.

For the sake of my own health, I signed up to study functional medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), where it opened up a whole new paradigm in health for me.  I dove deeply into study materials and attended lectures to learn the latest information.

As I studied, I was also hacking my own health. Through the process, I got my health back, and I feel better than ever.  The profound impact functional medicine had on me made me realize this information must be utilized and shared widely.

People around me must have felt my energy. I started receiving health and wellness related questions everywhere I went. I was able to help many folks better understand their own condition and educate them on their medications, and enable lifestyle changes so they can get well, get their energy back, and sometimes even stop having to take their chronic medications.

I hope you will enjoy the topics here, and live with vitality!

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My other fascination is skin care. I’ve been creating my own products for 5 years now and people are loving them! To find out more, click HERE.